2018 Could Be RPWW Last Year

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Kristin here!

This is a hard post to write.

I am heading into the end of my 10th year with the site in August 2018. I unfortunately have been dealt with medical issues that are interfering with my ability to be competitive or thorough with news reporting. Laura, like myself, has a high demanding job and it is disheartening when neither of us can commit the time we would like. It feels like a disservice to our mission of ‘by the fans, for the fans’.  I was 26 when I started the site… before my son… before my professional career began. I am not in a position to keep the site going without help. Laura is one person and has carried the site in recent years and I feel it is too much.

If you are reading this and enjoy reading, researching, and sharing Robert Pattinson news — we need your help! No restrictions on age or parts of the world.

Ultimately, if I cannot recruit extra hands on deck and be off and running before July 30, 2018 — the site will be closed.

Please email me if you are interested at kristin@robertpattinsonworldwide.com!

Thank you everyone. KMR