“Robert is an exceptional guy, on and off the set. Generous and very nice. A professional from head to toe. I can’t tell you anything else. It was a pleasure to work with him and meet him in person. I’ve just have good words for him, the same with the rest of the cast and the shooting team [Co-star Javier Beltran].

“I think he’s really handsome. He can’t lie. He’s, like, incapable of lying [Co-star Kristen Stewart].

“I remember he was very handsome. I do remember that. I thought, ‘I have a really handsome son.’ It was an older version of my character who had been sort of a ruined woman, and she was at the end of her life and I just remember I had to sob and cry all over him [Co-star Reese Witherspoon].

“Robert dazzles me [Co-star Kristen Stewart].”

“Obviously, I know Rob,” she explained. “I’m just gob-smacked by the level of excitement and hype around ‘Twilight.’ I’m very happy for Rob that it’s been so successful.” Emma insisted that she knew all along that he’d someday become like the Beatles all rolled into one. “Of course I did; he is incredibly handsome!” she grinned. “He is a very, very handsome man, so I’m not too surprised [Co-star Emma Watson].”

“[To friend Bobby Long]Does the idea of fame bother you? Have you seen it affect people? Are you ready for it?”
“I don’t really know anybody, like the only one I know is Rob and he’s really cool, completely unaffected by anything [Friend/Singer Bobby Long].”

“There’s something that draws you to Rob. He is really intelligent and he’s a charming chap as well. When the Twilight thing exploded I wasn’t surprised. Little Ashes will be seen by a lot more people now.’ Matthew and Robert are the only British actors in the Spanish cast. ‘Previously he was just that guy from Harry Potter. The fact that he’s playing Dali will wash that off a bit and people will see him as a proper actor [Co-star Matthew McNulty].”

“Rob’s songs were raw and emotional. Adam Smalley, our music editor, tried the songs against picture. ‘Never Think’ fit in beautifully with the restaurant scene, but ‘Let Me Sign’ made Bella’s death scene in the ballet studio much more powerful. Even Rob agreed, so he went into Bright Street Studios and recorded the songs with a cellist- and Adam, Karl, and Kenny Woods at the boards [Director Catherine Hardwicke].”

“Kristen and Nikki kept telling me about Rob’s songs and his voice- but he would never let me head him sing. ‘I’ll bring you a CD tomorrow’ turned into 2 months. Finally I convinced him to go to my friend Karl Leiker’s studio in his Venice apartment and just lay something down. He sat in a low Japanese chair in a tiny room and sang and played guitar- all on the same track… 6 songs… [Director Catherine Hardwicke].”

“One of my favorite days was watching Rob record. He sand the songs dozens of times, but no two takes were alike. The music seemed to flow from somewhere deep inside [Director Catherine Hardwicke].”

“One night Rob improvised for an hour and a half on the piano, mesmerizing us with haunting melodies. Grown women were actually crying [Director Catherine Hardwicke].”

“He’s really talented, he’s really smart, he’s really musical, he’s an intellectual, he reads,” Nikki told Maria Menounos. “That’s the side that I wish people would [ask about.] I don’t know if anyone necessarily even knows him…that side of him [Co-star Nikki Reed].”

“Rob and I are great friends,” Stewart says. “But I understand why you would assume that when we lean on each other for support, there must be something more…And I’m not criticizing anyone for thinking it either. If anything, they’re really perceptive, because they can see a closeness [Co-star Kristen Stewart].”

“It was really funny seeing Baz Luhrmann and Rob singing a David Bowie song,” Stewart says. “It was a talky one so they both could sort of talk to each other, and they were riffing back and forth. She adds with a laugh, “They were looking longingly into each other’s eyes [Co-star Kristen Stewart].

“Robert is himself an incredibly intense, artistic and complex character whose intelligence immediately tapped into both the insecure side of Dali’s personality as well as his flamboyance, and the arc that he managed to create for Dali’s journey during the film is a real testament to his craft as an actor [Producer Carlo Dusi].”

“Robert had been on my radar for some time, as I had actually got him to read for a role in a pilot for a feature film that I made in 2006, and while he was too young for that particular role I had already been extremely impressed by his screen presence and his acting ability. When our dates for the shoot of Little Ashes were confirmed and we went back into the market to find our Salvador Dali’ in Britain, he was immediately one of our shortlist, and his reading for the role left us all in no doubt that he was the right person for the role. Of course no-one could have imagined at the time how his career would have soared so soon after our shoot, but we could all tell that there was a very special quality to him, as well as huge talent and integrity as an actor [Producer Carlo Dusi].”

“He’s just dreamy! He’s just very awkward around the limelight… he get’s really nervous when people come up to him … gets nervous and stutters and stammers and doesn’t really know what to do. Oh, it’s so cute [Co-star Ashley Greene].”

“The two blokes [Sam Bradley and Rob] were roommates in London for a few months and Sam shares some insider info about living with Rob. “His best qualities – he’s a great cook. Amazing. He makes really good beans. And his worst qualities, he’s just so tidy, such a neat freak [Friend/Singer Sam Bradley].”

“The thing with Rob is he never gets pissed. He’s a shy guy and very just humble. And I really don’t think anything can get to him. In a way just because he is so collective of who he is and he’s so talented. Like I’ve never met someone who can — I don’t know — just — just do anything and everything in a way. When he picks up that guitar and he sings and he opens this part up of his throat — that’s just — it’s magical.” Kellan goes on to say ” I remember our last day of wrapping on New Moon for myself we all hung out in his room and he just started playing and he’s amazing [Co-star Kellan Lutz].”

“[To friend Bobby Long]What question do you wish that people would stop asking you?”
“I wish people would stop asking me about Rob [Pattinson, the actor], to a certain extent. Because it’s just unnerving when people ask me questions about one of my best friends and expect me to answer them. I do think it’s really nice that all of us in that friendship group are really starting to work. That’s really lovely. And we’re doing what we love doing. Me, Sam, Marcus, Rob and Tom [Sturridge, a London based actor], we’re all working really hard. It’s really nice being around each other. We are complete individuals. We’re different musicians and very different actors [Friend/Singer Bobby Long].

“The thing with Rob is he never gets pissed. He’s a shy guy and very just humble. And I really don’t think anything can get to him. In a way just because he is so collective of who he is and he’s so talented. Like I’ve never met someone who can — I don’t know — just — just do anything and everything in a way. When he picks up that guitar and he sings and he opens this part up of his throat — that’s just — it’s magical.” Kellan goes on to say ” I remember our last day of wrapping on New Moon for myself we all hung out in his room and he just started playing and he’s amazing [Co-star Kellan Lutz].”

“When asked about working with his Twilight castmates, he praises their talent, then adds, “Kristen and Rob are both very musically inclined, so we would have jam sessions. It was like the Cullen Family Band [Co-star Jackson Rathbone].”

“[On Rob’s Casting Call] “Everybody came in doing something empty and shallow and thoughtless,” Stewart says. “I know that’s a fucking great thing to say about all the other actors—but Rob understood that it wasn’t a frivolous role.”

“[On Rob’s inability to get an attitude] “I’ve seen him even try to change and it’s pathetic [Director, David Cronenberg].”

“He’s a great guy; very cool, very talented [Twilight Stand In, Logan Welch].”

“This has quite a tale, because of course [Rob] is our star, this is our vampire himself. When we were shooting the movie, at night the actors would sometimes hang out in each other’s hotel rooms and then Robert would play the guitar and sing. Nikki Reed and Kristen would tell me “Robert, he’s got a good voice. It’s really intense, it’s really interesting. So I’d see Rob in the morning and go “Hey Rob, I really wanna hear you sing.” He’d say “Oh no, it’s not ready, it’s not good and no one can hear it,” really just protesting everyday. And I’d be like “I really wanna hear it, man,” and so he’d go “Ok, I think I’m gonna record and give you a CD tomorrow.” Everyday he’d say that, but never, never, never gave it to me. He was so shy about it and I’m just like “Dude, I wanna hear it so bad! Finally, Nikki had recorded something secretly on her computer. I heard it, like, really scratchy. I’m like “Rob, let’s just go to my friend’s house. He’s got the funkiest, tiniest little studio and let’s just record a few of your songs. Don’t even worry about it, it’s no big deal. He’s gonna be wearing flip-flops and shorts, and it’s totally low-key [Director Catherine Hardwicke].”

“Ah, good. It really could have only been with him. He is incapable of lying. That’s like the best thing you have to say about an actor. It’s like, he’s very responsive to what it would have felt like to live 108 years. And to get yourself being alone; it’s sorta perfect [Twilight co-star Kristen Stewart on working with Rob].

“He was one of those boys who were gorgeous – and didn’t even know it [Philly Greenwood, Barnes Theater Company].”

“Robert was always a good looking boy and clearly had sex appeal, but he was actually quite shy [Rusty Livingstone, Mentor from the Barnes Theater Company].”

“He joined our company as an assistant stage manager. In reality, I don’t believe he had massive interest in acting initially; he really joined up for the opportunity to get close to the large number of young girls in our group. It seemed he hadn’t had much success with them before [Rusty Livingstone, Mentor from the Barnes Theater Company].”

“Right from the first time he nervously stepped on stage, it was fairly obvious that he had a special quality – even though he didn’t think he was any good himself. He was complex and very interesting [Rusty Livingstone, Mentor from the Barnes Theater Company].”

“It seemed to take him awhile to realize that girls were flocking around him. And I can see why they’re swooning over him all around the world now [Rusty Livingstone, Mentor from the Barnes Theater Company].”

“I gave him his first lead role, and of course I am quite proud I did. Instead of ending up in Harry Potter and having Hollywood at this feet, he might still be sweeping up after amateur productions [Rusty Livingstone, Mentor from the Barnes Theater Company].”

“Two weeks ago, Rob and I went to a Kings of Leon concert with a girlfriend of mine named Sage. Somebody photographed him and Sage together and it started this massive rumor that he’s dating some supermodel named Annelyse, who’s not even her. Us Weekly even printed it. My friend Sage is getting such a kick out of it, you have no idea. She’s been my friend since I was a little kid. She did do some modeling when she was younger, but she’s a really great musician and actress now [Nikki Reed, Twilight co-star].”

“Everyone came in during the auditions and it was, like, so obvious they were thinking, ‘Am I posing the right way?’ He was thinking about more than that. It was like he knew what it would be like to be a 108-year-old vampire living alone. It’s a pretty serious role. On the surface it’s like, ‘Oh yeah! you’re playing the hottest vampire ever!’ But it’s a lot more than that.”

[On self-depreciating Robert] “I don’t know why he does that! He gets a kick out of that. He tries to do that..It’s totally contrived and intentional! He’s done so much press I think he’ s just taking the piss now–to use an English expression!” [Kristen Stewart, Twilight Saga Co-Star]