AD (Netherlands) Interview with Robert Pattinson: Regrets Not Doing “Brimstone” and More!

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Interview: The times when Robert Pattinson became a teenage idol with the Twilight movies are far behind him. With the intriguing action thriller Good Time, the 31-year-old actor proves his mature status as a welcome star. “That my role in Brimstone did not continue, I still regret.”

Robert Pattinson is in an excellent mood. The premiere of the action thriller Good Time, performed at the Cannes Film Festival, has been completed. “The reactions to the film are extremely positive. I know how merciless the public and the press can be here, so I’m very relieved. Good Time is not a casual movie, “the Brit says on the roof terrace of a 5-star hotel on the Boulevard de la Croisette.

That finding will not contradict anyone. Good Time is definitely no thirteen-in-one-dozen movie. Main characters are two brothers who are not particularly blessed with a high IQ. A bank robbery in the New York district of Queens runs on a fiasco, after which turbulent events collide. Pattinson plays the smartest of the two, although that does not matter much.

The critics have already made comparisons with Al Pacino’s role in the classic Dog Day Afternoon (1975). “That’s a nice compliment,” Pattinson says modestly. “I see similarities between both roles. These are men who are in charge and act in a misconduct. It’s in our movie about the love between two brothers who really do not really care how to survive. ”

The recordings of Good Time, made by the brothers Josh and Benny Safdie, were hectic and in many ways demanded a lot of energy from the cast. The film knew a low budget. “We have turned a lot at night and the working days were long. Sometimes I was on the set for 16 hours. ”

The directors are very keen to talk about Pattinson’s commitment. “He also remained in the recordings where he was not involved”, says director Benny Safdie, who himself played the other brother in Good Time. He mentions an example: “In certain scenes I was in a wheelchair that had to be pushed forward. That could have done a figurant, but Robert insisted he did this. That means he’s not a star that stands out. “

In turn, Pattinson is very keen on his experiences with Good Time. “It is by far the best acting experience of my career. I could completely disappear in this role. I was also very happy that I could prepare myself well. For example, I visited several prisons to study prisoners. I think nobody was aware that I was a film actor. ”

Pattinson is almost unrecognizable in this role. “That’s the dream of every actor. During the recordings, I was not recognized by bystanders. I could enter undisturbed as my personage shops. Nobody made a picture. That’s what I used to be different in everyday life. ”

Initially, Pattinson would also play an important role in Martin Koolhoven’s western Brimstone, but at the very least he said to the horror of the Dutch producer. “It’s my own stupid fault,” he says. “I had the feeling that the film would not go on after my contender Mia Wasikowska was cut off. So I was busy with other things when I was approached again. That my role in Brimstone did not continue, I still regret. ”

The actor has not had the time to look at the Western Gold Award winning six Gold Calves. “But I heard good things about it. It will certainly come true. “