Alleged Rob Sighting in NYC with Tom Sturridge and Emilie De Ravin

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I was at a bar last night and Rob was there with TomStu and Emilie de Ravin and about 5 other young hipster types with accents. He and TomStu left their black hoodies up the whole time and he and Emilie were chatty in a friendly way. (Gozde: The unabomber look is the new chic) He is tall and very skinny in person and the smile is just unreal. They seemed to be
having fun.

I didn’t get there til 12:15 AM, but they were there when I got there and didn’t leave til 2 am. TomStu, Emilie and Rob left together. Not a single person asked for an autograph or a picture. Everyone just let him be. There were also a few other celebs at the bar (which is tiny, btw)…including Danny Masterson, Ben Foster and Alexis Dziena.

Such a small, dark place and he was surrounded by friends at all times. I just knew it would ruin everything if he saw me take a pic -for him and for me! I still can’t believe he was just chillin there for so long without any interuption and I was right there chillin too.

Funfact: I have never been happier to be a smoker (I know, I know). The smoking area was small and a lot of people were crammed in, so at one point I had to squeeze past Rob and say “excuse me”, to even get into the designated area (the bouncer was mean about everyone cramming in and not spilling into the sidewalk), which earned me a smile and polite step to the side.

Other Funfact: I was almost as starstruck by TomStu as I was for Rob! He was discussing his favorite books with someone outside in this little smoker’s area and sounded so passionate and informed. Love intellectual guys. The accent didn’t hurt.