AUDIO: ‘High Life’ Is About The Mysteries Of The One Another’s Existence – Claire Denis For France Culture @sallyvg @alcatrazfilms @ODungey @WildBunch

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The extract chosen gives us more insight into the movie ‘High Life’ (Note that Aurélien Barrau, physicist, talks a bit with Claire Denis explaining he had to help her visualize space and its restraint so it could look more real in the story and script – From 56:34 to the end

Translation by Laura, please credit if used

Claire Denis: It has not come to me as a sci-fi project, it is simply the story of a few human far far away from earth and that in the end, their relationships as well as their dillusions are interesting things for me and to be so far from earth knowing death is always in the front of their mind so being mortal is the first thing they think about…


The journalist: this is an organic story about the mysteries of one another’s existence