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A New “Little Ashes” Review

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The Little Ashes Promotional Blitz posted an exclusive review from a fan who saw Little Ashes at the Belfast Film Festival. Dalí’s eccentricities and breakdowns were perfectly portrayed by Rob and in this film we saw a fine actor and not a pretty boy with plucked eyebrows. He showed great comedic ability through facial expression…

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Robert Prepares us for “New Moon”

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Robert tells his fans who await the next installment of the Twilight Saga what to be ready for, he also talks about handling the world of fandom, and his music. For “Twilight” movie fans who are anxiously awaiting the sequel but haven’t read the second book in the vampire series, “New Moon,” the film’s star…

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Rob Allegedly Back in Vancouver but Not for Long

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According to a gossip site, All week Rob Pattinson has been in Vancouver. He arrived via private on Sunday and had more makeup testing to do – something wasn’t quite right last week so they brought him back to tweak. Since the schedule changed, they decided that while he’s in town, they could start training…

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