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ShockHound interviews Twilight cast about music

in Twilight Soundtrack by interviewed Rob, Kristen, Catherine. Stephenie and Ashley Greene about their favourite bands and what they think about the Twilight Soundtrack. Here is what Rob said when he was asked about his favourite song in the Soundtrack.   It’s funny because I gave Catherine a ton of songs I was listening to when I was…

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International Limited Release Box Office Totals

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MI6 reported the following information about International box office totals, Domestic sensation “Twilight” showed plenty of life in a limited foreign launch with $8.1 million at 1,282 for a solid $6,311 per-location average. Summit’s vampire romancer opened in a quintet of markets, led by $4.35 million in Italy — 10% above the “Solace” launch two…

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Boston Globe reviews Twilight Soundtrack

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Boston Globe reviews Twilight Soundtrack and calls it “fun, enchanting and angst-driven”. This is what the article says about “Never Think”. On the softer side is “Never Think,” a surprisingly intimate ballad written and performed by the movie’s star, Robert Pattinson, who plays Edward, a genteel vampire in love with Bella, the girl next door.…

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NBC Philadelphia Gives Positive Review

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NBC Philadelphia gave both Rob and Kristen Stewart a positive review for their portrayals as Edward and Bella in “Twilight”. Here is an excerpt from the article linked below. In the lead roles, Kristen Stewart (“Panic Room”, “Into the Wild”) and Robert Pattinson (Cedric Diggory in the “Harry Potter” series) are well cast. Both underplay…

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