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Jesper Ganslandt’s ‘Mission: Blacklist’ Listed as #92th on #200 Most Anticipated Film for 2014 @ioncinema

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MISSION BLACKLIST Director: Jesper Gandslant Writers: Erik Jendressen, Dylan Kussman and Trace Sheehan Producers: Preferred Content’s Ross M. Dinerstein, Jendresen, Kevin Waller U.S. Distributor: Rights Available Cast: Robert Pattinson His last two oeuvres in the complex, dark The Ape accompanied by the estrogen-filled audit called Blondie demonstrate Jesper Ganslandt’s filmic temperament as one that is…

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Mr Will Wong (@mrwillw) Tells Us More About What He Saw on ‘Life’ Set With Pictures (February 20, 2014)

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Click image to enlarge! @mrwillw #BenKingsley throws a wave, #DaneDeHaan retires early and #RobertPattinson avoids a slip on set of #LIFE in #Toronto. And here is his story Production fully is now under-way for Anton Corbijn‘s LIFE, which we reported previously would be filming in Toronto. The Drama, based on True Events and the…

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