Blast’s resident Aussie gives her top five American films of 2008

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And guess what? Twilight made her list at number four! Here is what she said,

If ever a film were to be characterized as a guilty pleasure than it is “Twilight.” Its shortcomings are obvious and mostly budget dependent (lackluster special effects and an over reliance on wire work) but it’s hardly the reason fans have been lining up to see the film over and over again. Come on – it’s a Gothic and impossible love story between a human girl and a vampire! What more could you want. The relationship between Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, beautifully depicted by so-hot-right-now Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson, is really the heart of “Twilight.” While some critics have judged the film harshly for its high level of teen angst and brooding stares, to fans that is what it’s all about. “Twilight” is no cinematic masterpiece but it doesn’t intend to be. Rather, it attempts to capture the underlying sexual tension and euphoria of first love, and boy does it deliver. The young cast are impressive with Peter Facinelli a stand out as the calm and always gentle Dr Carlisle Cullen. It is a pity however that you don’t see more of Cam Gigandet, the menacing vampire/ tracker/ resident bad ass James. He gives the “Twilight” vampires some much needed – forgive the pun – bite. But at least we can be sure that his fiery mate Victoria (Rachelle Lefevre) will be back in future films to help with the body count. Her cameo at the prom was both sinister and exciting – come on “New Moon!”

Best Scene: Bella joins the Cullen’s for a game of baseball, vampire style.