BRAVO Girl and IM magazine Scans (Hungary)

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Who’s the hottest guy?
1st: 58% – Robert Pattinson
2nd: 28% – Zac Efron
3rd: 13% – Pete Wentz


Taylor Lautner – Robert Pattinson (ENEMIES)
When they filmed the first scenes in Twilight, they quarrelled a lot and they didn’t get well with each other.

Camilla Belle – Robert Pattinson (Friends vs Love)
They say they’re just friends and we believe in them – but it’s obvious: Rob wants more than friendship.

IM Magazine


Hollywood gossips: Channing Tatum will play Riley in Eclipse! They say Melissa Rosenberg, the screenwiter wants him to play this role so it’s almost sure that he’ll play Riley.
(Old news guys…)

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