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REBOOT: Save the Turtles with the Turtle Conservancy and RPWW! DONATE! REWARDS!

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Robert Pattinson Worldwide is pleased to announce a partnership with the TURTLE CONSERVANCY to help protect threatened turtles, tortoises, and their habitats worldwide. Yes, worldwide. We were meant to work together! The Turtle Conservancy completes their mission by: Conserving species in their natural habitat, including land acquisition. Maintaining captive breeding programs to help restore natural…

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Robert Pattinson Poses with an Endangered Yellow-Blotched Map Turtle | Support @TurtleTweets

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Who is more adorable? Our friend #robertpattinson or an endangered Yellow-blotched map turtle?! 🐢 #teamturtle #teamrob DONATE TODAY! Photographer Robin Moore followed up with the untagged version and a message from Robert: According to #RobertPattinson, not all animals can be as cute as Robert Pattinson. But all species, cute or not, deserve to be protected,…

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