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AUDIO & Details: Raw Audio Footage Of #Twilight Rob! @JLStudios @Robjectify

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VIDEO: DETAILS: Raw audio footage of “The Twilight Saga” star Robert Pattinson, AKA Edward Cullen recording ADR (“Automated” or “Automatic” Dialog Replacement) at JL Recording Studios, Toronto. Robert is directed by series director, David Slade, via Los Angeles to match the film dialog, “No measure of time with you will be long enough. But we’ll…

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VIDEOS & INTERVIEW: Fan Cathy Ward Reveals Her 69 Robert Pattinson Tattoos! @Femail @RobsPromotion

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When Cathy Ward’s mother died five years ago, the supermarket worker from Reading was left depressed and unable to face going out. But the 54-year-old has now turned her life around with a little help from actor Robert Pattinson and her local tattooist. Today, Mrs Ward says she is happier and more confident than ever…

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Pattinson Rewind – Robert Pattinson Worldwide’s Week in Review: Weeks March 8 to March 22 #RPWW

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MOVIE NEWS Reviews: *Updated* “The Rover” Media Reviews Updated: “Maps to the Stars” Media Reviews *UPDATED* “Queen of the Desert” Media Reviews Release Dates: Updated: “The Rover” Worldwide Theatrical and DVD Release Date Master Post UPDATED — “Maps to the Stars” Worldwide Theatrical and DVD Release Dates Master Post: “Life” Worldwide Theatrical Release Date “Life”…

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‘Breaking Dawn’ Set Painter Lindanne Lewis Posts Back Old Picture (Bigger) With Rob On Her Instagram

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You can check our previous post with comments from Lindanne Lewis HERE Such a cool dude to chat with. I will work with him again. #twilight #robertpattinson its from Twilight 1 & 2..I painted the sets. Did you know that they broke down the original set from Washington state and put it together on location…

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