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INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Seeks Punk Filmmakers And Indie Spirits For ‘Good Time’

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SELECTED EXCERPTS: People described this role as a reinvention for you. But aren’t you just a reinventor? Going from Twilight to David Cronenberg and Werner Herzog isn’t exactly playing it safe. I suppose the other things I’ve done haven’t been contemporary, and I think because this was a really identifiable character type, people were like,…

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NEW INTERVIEW and PICTURES: Robert Pattinson Talks with TIME OUT UK about GOOD TIME, Oscar Buzz, and Acting | @goodtimemov @josh_benny @a24

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The film’s directed by the Safdie brothers. I heard you spotted a picture from one of their other films online and basically cold-called them, then they wrote this film for you. Is that true? ‘It’s weird, Josh [Safdie] talked about this earlier: “I looked at the photo you were talking about and it was just…

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*UPDATED* HQ Digital Print, Video, and Interview – W Magazine (October 2017 Issue)

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DIGITAL PRINT: Thank you RPHQ! Robert Describes His First Kiss and More: PRINT Interview: Did you always want to be an actor? Uh, no. I was not at all into it. In fact, my drama teacher when I was in school told me not to do it. Actively told me not to pursue it and…

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TRANSLATED INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About Fans, ‘Twilight’ & Connie Nikas In @GoodTimeMov With La Dernière Heure! @JOSH_BENNY @ohboyson @sebobear

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TRANSLATION BY LAURA (please credit if used) – Scans thanks to @LeRPattzClub! If you only knew how shy I am’ Robert Pattinson has capsized millions of ladies’ heart all around the world. Which he is still surprised about. In ‘Good Time’ by Joshua & Ben Safdie, Robert Pattinson is a loser who tries to find…

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