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INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson on Picking Under-the-Radar Directors and Why Claire Denis is the Most ‘Authentic Punk’ He’s Ever Met | @indiewire

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Clair Denis’ Sci-Fi Project “High Life”: “It’s definitely nuts,” said Pattinson. “I just finished it last week. [Denis] is incredible. I’m not just saying that, she’s like one of the most fascinating people to work for. I was saying to her at the end of the shoot, she’s the most authentic punk that I’ve even…

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NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson On @GoodTimeMov & His New Exciting Projects – Vanity Fair – @flying099

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Robert Pattinson Reinvents Himself in in Good Time Playing a criminal with mental illness has brought the recovering Twilight star his best reviews and a new attitude about filmmaking. Brooding and aloof, two adjectives often associated with actor Robert Pattinson, are two that do little to currently describe the 31-year old former heartthrob. Rather the…

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INTERVIEW: Claire Denis Tells @THR More About #HighLife & Why Robert Pattinson Is PERFECT For The Role!

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Taking time out of the High Life shoot, Denis met with THR to discuss astrophysics, her fear of special effects and why Pattinson was the “exact opposite” of whom she originally had in mind to play the lead. This film is your first attempt at science fiction. What was the appeal of this genre for…

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*Updated* NEW Astronaut Picture: Robert Pattinson All Smiles With ESA’s @Thom_astro, Russia’s Sergei Prokopyev & GCTC’s Interpreter Daria Shcherbakova In Cologne (October 25, 2017) @Robsjaw

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ESA's @Thom_astro & Russia's Sergei Valerievich pose for picture with English actor Robert Pattinson & GCTC's interpreter Daria Shcherbakova — Angelina Ballerina (@LiNa8294) October 27, 2017 Thanks @Robsjaw for the tip!

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“HIGH LIFE” Director Claire Denis ‘Very Happy’ with Robert Pattinson

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Emblematic of her varied artistic impulses, Denis will follow up Let the Sun Shine In with her first English-language film, High Life, a sci-fi effort about convicts who strike a deal to have their sentences reduced in return for venturing to a black hole. It’s yet another unconventional undertaking for the director, and one that will reunite her…

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