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Will fans turn out for ‘Cosmopolis’? Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg come out swinging. @theinquisitr @PageMackinley

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The bashing of Twilight Saga fans has long been a favorite pastime of many critics and quarters in the media. Now, Robert Pattinson and no-holds-barred director David Cronenberg have spoken out in defense of those fans, and some – including this writer – think they have a point. Repeatedly asked on a recent Cosmopolis press…

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David Cronenberg and Rob Talk to @bleedingcool About “Cosmopolis”, “Maps to the Stars” and “Twilight” Fans

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The following responses are very similar to the interview with HEYUGUYS, however there are a few slightly different/new quotes. Cosmopolis is, among other things, a film about a very rich man in a very nice limousine trying to get across midtown Manhattan by effectively cutting a swathe through hordes of angry protesters. That the film…

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Entertainment Weekly : Robert Pattinson and David Cronenberg to reunite for “Maps to the Stars” @EW

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By Keith Staskiewicz For those of you who don’t get how David Cronenberg would want to work with Robert Pattinson, just look at Breaking Dawn. If Bella’s pregnancy doesn’t count as a prime example of Cronenbergian body horror, then I don’t know what does. And now, it appears that Pattinson and Cronenberg are hoping to…

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Cronenberg Casts Pattinson in “Nasty and Disturbing” New Film @movieScope

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David Cronenberg is searching for funding for “nasty and disturbing” new project Maps to the Stars, starring Robert Pattinson, the star of his latest film Cosmopolis, and long-term collaborator Viggo Mortensen. The British actor Pattinson looks set to become the renowned sci-fi horror director’s new muse. Playing the financial genius Eric Packer – who heads…

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