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Robert Pattinson Drops a Little Detail About His Style in ‘THE KING’

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Let the battle of the heartthrobs begin! Robert Pattinson plays the villain in The King, an upcoming Netflix adaptation of William Shakespeare’s Henry the IV and Henry the V. As the Dauphin, the French heir apparent, Pattinson goes head to head with Timothée Chalamet’s young Henry V and apparently he’ll serve looks while doing it.…

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INTERVIEW with INDIEWIRE: Robert Pattinson on the Male Gaze, Playing a Psychopath, and the Status of His Many Upcoming Arthouse Movies

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When Robert Pattinson first received the script for the David and Nathan Zellners’ “Damsel,” a quirky, inverted western in which various cockeyed suitors pine for love of a woman disinterested in their advances, he passed. “It just seemed like one of those things that’s never going to get financing, so it just didn’t really register…

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