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INTERVIEW MAGAZINE | Willem Dafoe Interviews Robert Pattinson For Interview Mag (Fall 2018)

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ROBERT PATTINSON TELLS WILLEM DAFOE WHAT HE’S TERRIFIED OF By Willem Dafoe Photography Ryan McGinley Stylist Mel Ottenberg   Although his days as a franchise-carrying international heartthrob are mostly behind him, Robert Pattinson’s charisma remains maddening and ineluctable, his face a permanent yin-yang of bemusement and pale gravity mounted onto an industrially honed bone structure.…

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INTERVIEW with INDIEWIRE: Robert Pattinson on the Male Gaze, Playing a Psychopath, and the Status of His Many Upcoming Arthouse Movies

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When Robert Pattinson first received the script for the David and Nathan Zellners’ “Damsel,” a quirky, inverted western in which various cockeyed suitors pine for love of a woman disinterested in their advances, he passed. “It just seemed like one of those things that’s never going to get financing, so it just didn’t really register…

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*Updated* THE LIGHTHOUSE | CREW PARTY | PICTURES & VIDEOS | New Pictures & Videos Of ‘The Lighthouse’ Crew, Including Robert Pattinson At The Timber Lounge, Halifax (May 20, 2018)

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PICTURES: First picture: Had a great time with the cast and crew of The Lighthouse tonight at @timberloungehfx Was a pleasure having Rob join in the fun too. #axethrowing #timberlounge #timberloungehfx #robertpattinson #robpattinson #thelighthouse #nsfilms #bullseye #axe #tapthataxe #northend #wethenorthend #discoverhalifax #visitnovascotia @wildaxelumberjack Second & Third picture: We had a kickAXE night with some of…

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*UPDATED* MASTER POST: THE LIGHTHOUSE Filming in Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada (March 2018 – May 2018)

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FILMING According to @nicole2dogs, filming is set to begin April 9, 2018 per a comment she read on Facebook: Filming is scheduled to start this coming Monday for scenes at this location. The lantern room and lens will be moved to the movie studio closer to the end of the month. According Nova News Now,…

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“THE LIGHTHOUSE” Was Filmed in Black and White!

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Louise Ford, Film Editor of THE LIGHTHOUSE, reported to mandynews, What is coming next for you in 2018 and beyond? I’m currently on location in Nova Scotia, Canada, cutting Robert Eggers’ second film, The Lighthouse, which stars Willem Dafoe and Robert Pattinson. It’s set in 1890, and we’re shooting on 35mm black and white stock,…

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*UPDATED* MASTER THREAD | Pre-Production for ‘THE LIGHTHOUSE’ (March 8, 2018-April 13, 2018)

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April 13, 2018 Last post of the movie prop order, was good to see the finished pieces together…back to the red clay tomorrow . . #movieprops #porcelain #pitchers #cups #bowls #plates #saucers #functional #finished #redclay #backtothestudio A post shared by Toni (@tonilosey) on Apr 13, 2018 at 10:29am PDT April 8, 2018 Simplicity, I've been…

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“The Lighthouse” Crew Visits Mark’s/L’Équipeur in Yarmouth Again for Wool Socks; Where’s the Grilled Cheese? (April 8, 2018)

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Update: More movie producers came into work right after I left today (of course), FYI, Robert Pattinson’s foot size is 11 and he likes grilled chicken sandwiches. I also, have never wanted to be at work more than I do now — Tay 👑💕 (@taayyelizabeth) April 8, 2018

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Robert Pattinson’s Assistant Purchased Clothing from Mark’s/L’Équipeur in Yarmouth for Filming (April 6, 2018)

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Robert Pattinson’s assistant was into work last night to buy him thermal underwear and a Helly Hansen jacket because they were told Mark’s was the place to go. I am so not freaking out or anything — Tay 👑💕 (@taayyelizabeth) April 8, 2018 About Mark’s/L’Équipeur: ….a Canadian casual and industrial apparel and footwear retailer. With…

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