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Harmony Korine Reveals His Doubts About ‘The Trap’ (Still Set To Shoot In May 2016!) @Dazed

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Note That Harmony Korine says the movie is STILL set to film in May 2016, he is just sharing some of his doubts and hard time with casting and having different ideas from time to time. Your next movie is The Trap. Have you started filming? Harmony Korine: No. I’m still figuring it out. I…

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Actor @allstartat2 Shares Excitement Over #TheTrap Confirming Production Time For March 2016 #Soon @robstenru

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Here's one of the stars I'm gonna have the pleasure of integrating… — Richard Pis (@allstartat2) January 29, 2016 Here’s one of the stars I’m gonna have the pleasure of interacting with my dialogue in an upcoming feature film that will begin its production some time after March .. Can’t wait so excited ……

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MadRiver Pictures to Release “The Lost City of Z” and Developing “The Trap” @mytrackingboard

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According to The Tracking Board, Marc Butan of MadRiver Pictures, producer…. [….] In addition to Triple 9, Butan and Edward Fee of MadRiver are slated to release Pride Prejudice and Zombies and The Lost City of Z starring Sienna Miller and Charlie Hunnam this year. They are also developing a project about Mark Felt and the Watergate scandal titled Felt, as well as Harmony…

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Harmony Korine Gives A Bit More Details About ‘The Trap’ In W Magazine Interview! @sallyvg

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What emerged from that retreat is The Trap, a forthcoming revenge drama about a yacht-robbing crew in Miami that Korine describes as “ultra-violent and very impressionistic.” The film, he says, will star Franco, Benicio Del Toro, Al Pacino, Robert Pattinson, and Idris Elba, and is meant to feel “like a drug experience.” Source Thanks @sallyvg…

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