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Singer @LanaDelRey Has Co-Written A Song With Harmony Korine For ‘The Trap’! @TheTrap_Film

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James Franco: So, what about a song like “Florida Kilos”? Lana Del Rey: It’s funny you should bring up that song because that’s actually the only co-write on “Ultraviolence”. And that is Harmony Korine. He wanted me to write a tune about this movie that I think you’re going to be in [The Trap]. It’s…

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*Updated w/ Audio* Rob Confirmed In Harmony Korine’s ‘The Trap’ Filming In January 2016 @TheFilmStage

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He also touched on his next feature The Trap, which we haven’t heard an update on since early this year. He confirmed the casting of Benicio Del Toro and Idris Elba (who are the two leads) as well as Robert Pattinson and Al Pacino, with production kicking off in January. Set in the world of…

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*Updated* ‘The Trap’ On The Way Of Filming? With Or Without Robert Pattinson? … @JamesFrancoTV @MarsFilms @lionsgatemovies @rivendell1111

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We're back b**ches! "THE TRAP"🌴 Look for it next year 🌴SPRANG BREAK FOEVA!🌴 #harmonykorine — James Franco (@JamesFrancoTV) July 8, 2015 Thanks @rivendell1111 for the tip! REMINDER: In a previous post, we reported that Rob’s IMDb page did not show ‘The Trap’ anymore HERE. After double checking, Rob’s page and ‘The Trap’ Page still don’t list him… So…

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*UPDATED* Rob’s Involvement in “The Trap” in Limbo Again….or Is It? @lionsgatemovies

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UPDATE: Fan @Robjectify came across the following casting call notice for THE TRAP which still lists Rob as part of the cast! Source UPDATE: Another fan CurzonStreet from Rob’s IMDB message reminded fans of another fact: Has everyone forgotten that Rob was at the MOMA premiere the other night as a courtesy to the producer,…

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*Updated* ‘The Trap’ Update From Production Weekly NOW Stating Filming SPRING 2016 In Miami! @CandeyQ

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UPDATE: 5/16/2015 THE TRAP: Prod Weekly (Issue 947 prev, May 21st) shows start of filming Spring 2016 in Miami. Rob is no longer listed as cast, not sure why. — RKMovieNews (@RKMovieNews) May 16, 2015 Original Information: 4/9/2015 Thanks @CandeyQ for the tip!

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