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UK TV Personality Kate Garraway Reflects on Doing Robert Pattinson’s First Interview

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“I did Robert Pattinson’s first live interview for Twilight and he was so nervous,” she recalls. “I saw him again for the second film and he said: ‘I remember you – you were so nice to me when I was scared.’ And then all the Harry Potter guys who I did for every film. On…

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INTERVIEW | USA TODAY | Robert Pattinson Talks About ‘Twilight’ As ‘Warm Memories’ With Patrick Ryan

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Asked Robert Pattinson about #Twilight, which he says is now "quite a hip thing to like. It seems like a retro thing, like, 'Oh, that's so late 2000s.' " — Patrick Ryan (@PatRyanWrites) April 3, 2019 Read the full arrticle HERE! “It seems like with younger people in their late teens, early 20s, it’s…

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Vanity Fair Magazine – 25 Years/25 Scenes: Twilight (When Edward Met Bella)

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With one longing and curious look across a high-school cafeteria—human Bella (Kristen Stewart) clocking vampire Edward (Robert Pattinson)—the Y.A. boom was crystallized. It may have been a short-lived craze, peaking with the The Hunger Games and sputtering out with the Divergent series. But in that brief time, Twilight fever reshaped our understanding of youth culture,…

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VIDEO: Konbini Interviews HIGH LIFE Director Claire Denis; Discusses Robert Pattinson in Cosmopolis and Twilight

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Translation by Laura, RPWW: For example, ‘Cosmopolis’ which is an adaptation from Don DeLillo it’s almost logorrhea, with all those words. It’s almost tiring. It concurs with the body’s immobility. It’s like words come as the body is prisoner of the limo. And it’s really strong, this sensation to be in a box with all…

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Jamie Dornan Reflects on an Old ‘Nightmare’ Apartment of Robert Pattinson and ‘GOOD TIME’

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Fifty Shades being based on Twilight, I’m thinking about Robert Pattinson’s career. He’s done just about everything in the years since those movies. Sure. I’ve known Rob just about my entire career, actually, long before Twilight … He and I were bumming around London, looking for work like any other actor on that side of…

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TWILIGHT Director Catherine Hardwicke Praises the Film for Helping Keep Robert Pattinson an ‘Indie Kid’

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Interview with The Hollywood Reporter: Twilight worked with its actors when they were very young. What is it like to see these actors in their careers now? Kristen and Rob were indie kids when we started, and they were like me: They didn’t realize how big the film was going to be. And I remember…

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