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*UPDATED* Added New Video! MASTER POST: THR’s First-Ever Live Roundtable: 6 Stars on Harassment, Nude Scenes and People They “Despise”

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OFFICIAL VIDEOS: OFFICIAL PORTRAITS: PANEL PICTURES: DISCUSSION EXCERPTS: This is the first time THR has mixed male and female actors on the same roundtable. So what is an issue that you have always wanted to discuss with actors of the opposite sex? […] ROBERT PATTINSON It’s a weird thing because as soon as you have…

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INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Seeks Punk Filmmakers And Indie Spirits For ‘Good Time’

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SELECTED EXCERPTS: People described this role as a reinvention for you. But aren’t you just a reinventor? Going from Twilight to David Cronenberg and Werner Herzog isn’t exactly playing it safe. I suppose the other things I’ve done haven’t been contemporary, and I think because this was a really identifiable character type, people were like,…

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NEW INTERVIEW: Robert Pattinson Talks About Van Morrison, @lostcityofz, @GoodTimeMov &Coffee With Irish Times! @sallyvg

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Robert Pattinson is gleaming just as surely as his odd little golden splodge of hair at the front. Today that blond bit is made especially visible by a close crew cut. He’s in strikingly chipper form. I’m not sure I was expecting chipper. Having worked with Werner Herzog, David Cronenberg, Anton Corbijn and, as we…

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NEW INTERVIEW and PICTURES: Robert Pattinson Talks with TIME OUT UK about GOOD TIME, Oscar Buzz, and Acting | @goodtimemov @josh_benny @a24

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The film’s directed by the Safdie brothers. I heard you spotted a picture from one of their other films online and basically cold-called them, then they wrote this film for you. Is that true? ‘It’s weird, Josh [Safdie] talked about this earlier: “I looked at the photo you were talking about and it was just…

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AUSTRIA – Wiener Zeitung Interview with Robert Pattinson for ‘GOOD TIME’ | @goodtimemov @josh_benny @a24

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Google Translate: “Wiener Zeitung”:Mr. Pattinson, the last time we talked together, you shot “Cosmopolis” your first “serious” movie after “Twilight”. In the meantime, some have been added. Do you feel already arrived? Robert Pattinson: I still try to take on interesting roles that my fans might like from earlier, but for me, smaller, more challenging films have been…

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