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Empire Magazine talks about the “Little Ashes” trailer

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Empire Magazine posted the “Little Ashes” trailer on their site today, and had this to say about the movie: The trailer for Little Ashes is online, and it’s a treat both for fans of Spanish art / Civil War history and fans of Robert Pattinson (which people are, judging from the screams at last night’s…

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Robert’s Interview with The Daily Telegraph

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Robert Pattinson:  “The attention I get now is just mind-bending.” British actor Robert Pattinson on becoming the object of every teenaged girl’s affection with a lead role in blockbuster Twilight. Robert Pattinson appears ill suited to the celebrity life that awaits him. The 22-year-old Londoner is starring as ferociously handsome teenage vampire Edward Cullen in…

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UK Telegraph Spoke with Robert about the Success of “Twilight”

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Rob had a lot to say about his newfound celebrity status thanks to “Twilight”. This is a VERY lengthy article so I picked a quote from the article linked below. He said, “So many younger girls are obsessed with this character and all that desire. They see Edward as unthreateningly sexual.” Indeed, this seems to…

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