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Kristen Stewart Talks About Rob to Ryan Seacrest

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Kristen Stewart called into Ryan Seacrest’s radio show and during their conversation she mentioned Robert. She said, Of her leading man, Robert Pattinson, Kristen says she knew immediately that he was the one to play the gorgeous and mysterious Edward. “Everyone came in during the auditions and it was, like, so obvious they were thinking,…

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Daily Mail: “Help! My Daughter’s in Love with the Undead”

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Allison Pearson with England’s Daily Mail has caught the London preview of “Twilight” and she approves of her daughter’s crush: My daughter is in love with a vampire. It could be a lot worse, I suppose. She could have fallen for Russell Brand. The vampire is Edward Cullen, the romantic hero of Stephenie Meyer’s bestselling…

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MTV looks at Rob’s upcoming projects

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MTV’s Larry Carroll takes a peek at the projects Rob has coming our way, including ‘Little Ashes’, ‘How To Be’, and ‘Parts Per Billion’: When he was cast in “Twilight,” few people outside of die-hard “Harry Potter” fans had heard of him. As of last week, media outlets like this one, this one and a half-dozen…

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Twilight Tuesday: Catherine talks about ‘Twilight’s’ success and the DVD commentary

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MTV’s sat down with director Catherine Hardwicke to discuss Twilight’s amazing success at the box office and the DVD commentary. Hardwicke was also quick to praise her young leads, who have seemingly spent the last few weeks appearing on every talk show known to man. “I did the DVD commentary today with Rob and Kristen, and…

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