Catherine Hardwicke talks about ‘Never Think’

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Imeem posted the Twilight Soundtrack playlist along with an interview with Catherine Hardwicke, commenting to each of the song in the soundtrack. This is a part of what she says about ‘Never Thinks’.

This has quite a tale, because of course [Rob] is our star, this is our vampire himself. When we were shooting the movie, at night the actors would sometimes hang out in each other’s hotel rooms and then Robert would play the guitar and sing. Nikki Reed and Kristen would tell me “Robert, he’s got a good voice. It’s really intense, it’s really interesting.”

So I’d see Rob in the morning and go “Hey Rob, I really wanna hear you sing.” He’d say “Oh no, it’s not ready, it’s not good and no one can hear it,” really just protesting everyday. And I’d be like “I really wanna hear it, man,” and so he’d go “Ok, I think I’m gonna record and give you a CD tomorrow.” Everyday he’d say that, but never, never, never gave it to me. He was so shy about it and I’m just like “Dude, I wanna hear it so bad!”

Finally, Nikki had recorded something secretly on her computer. I heard it, like, really scratchy. I’m like “Rob, let’s just go to my friend’s house. He’s got the funkiest, tiniest little studio and let’s just record a few of your songs. Don’t even worry about it, it’s no big deal. He’s gonna be wearing flip-flops and shorts, and it’s totally low-key.”