MASTER POST: Celebrate #RobertPattinson’s 30th Birthday Presented by @RobPBirthdayPro for @TheGoCampaign! #WeGOforRob #13GOingOn30

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We are supporting the Robert Pattinson Birthday Project again this year to raise money for The Go Campaign in the name of Robert Pattinson’s 30th Birthday. If you did not know, he was named their first Ambassador for their charity in 2015. We are pleased to be accepted as a supporter for this worthy cause!

CURRENT DONATION TOTAL $18,086 — 8/15/16 @ 12:20am ET – NEW GOAL 30k!



How to Participate:

Here is the link and hashtags for YOU to start spreading the word and donating!

#WeGOforRob #13GOingOn30 #RobertPattinson #88464kidsandcounting #GOCampaign

To read a special message from Scott Fifer, CEO of The Go Campaign and more, please visit under the cut!

A Special Message from Scott Fifer, CEO:

Robert Pattinson may have a history of playing powerful beings on the big screen, but it’s the kindness in his day-to-day interactions and his big heart that really make him a superstar in our eyes. As some of Robert’s biggest supporters we wanted you to be the first to know that @RobPBirthdayPro has reached out to GO Campaign to once again spearhead a birthday campaign in his honor!

For the next 30 days leading up to his big 3-0 on May 13th, Robert’s fans will be raising money for GO Campaign – propelling our mission of assisting Local Heroes forward to support orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

HERE COMES THE CHALLENGE – can we band together to raise $13,000 to celebrate
Robert’s 30th birthday? We think we can!

Here are the link and hashtags for YOU to start spreading the word!
#WeGOforRob #13GOingOn30 #RobertPattinson #88464kidsandcounting #GOCampaign

Here at GO Campaign, we believe we can all be superstars…and it doesn’t take much at all! Here’s are some examples of how far your donation can go:

With a $10 donation, you can equip 2 girls in the Democratic Republic of the Congo with Stay-in-School kits, which help to ensure they can continue their education With a $30 donation, you can provide 5 chickens as an income-generating project for an orphanage caring for 30 children in Tanzania With a $100 donation, you can provide 230 school lunches for indigenous children in Peru’s Sacred Valley With
a $300 donation, you can help prevent incidents of suicide amongst LGBTQ youth and enrich the lives of 80 children through camp programs in Los Angeles that foster a sense of community With a $1,000 donation, you can empower 2,500 girls in Nepal to become young entrepreneurs – permitting former sex
trafficking victims to be reintegrated into society and helping other girls avoid being sold into slavery.

Thank you for your help and generosity!


Scott Fifer
Founder and CEO
GO Campaign

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