*UPDATED* Robert Sends His Thank You! WE DID IT! Celebrate Robert Pattinson’s 33rd Birthday by Donating to THE GO CAMPAIGN!

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Robert Pattinson Sends His Thanks

And as Scott Fifer (CEO of The Go Campaign) @GOfifer promised, Robert Pattinson replied to his email sending thanks to the fans following the birthday fundraiser! Here is a copy of the email donors received!


For the FIFTH year in a row, Robert’s fans have decided to join GO Campaign in honoring Robert by giving back for his birthday on May 13th! This is your chance to show Robert how much you care, not just about him, but about lifting up communities and making the world a better place for children. Because when you #GOgive you not only honor Robert but you stand in support of orphans and vulnerable children around the world.

  • FUN FACT: Did you know Robert has been an Ambassador for The GO Campaign since 2015!

We want to hear from you too! We ask fans to share with us why you give, what’s your reason? Why do you think it is important to #GOgive? Tag GO Campaign and #WhyIGO and let us know!

  • FUN FACT: Did you know Robert’s fans have helped raise over $231,000 for GO Campaign! #GOgive

HERE COMES THE CHALLENGE – can we band together to raise $7,000 to improve the lives of children in celebration of Robert’s 33rd birthday? WE CAN AND WE WILL! #LetsGO !

Don’t forget to hashtag:
#weGOforRob #GOgive #RobertPattinson #GOCampaign

D O N A T E     T O D A Y!