Charlie Hunnam Mentions His Time On Set In Colombia With Robert Pattinson @lostcityofz @interviewmag

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SAPIENZA: I understand you and Robert Pattinson didn’t talk much on set. Do you feel that affected your on screen chemistry at all?

HUNNAM: Yeah, it really did in a very positive way. There was nothing contentious about us not talking. I really, really admire and like Robert a lot. I had always been interested in the idea that a relationship could exist exclusively between action and cut. I wanted to explore that. For years I’d been thinking of that as a process. This just lent itself to very readily exploring that because Fawcett and [Henry] Costin—our characters—don’t know each other prior to the story. They meet on screen. We shot for the most part sequentially, so it just lent itself for the opportunity. Robert’s a really a smart and thoughtful actor, and a very process-oriented actor too. I decided to try to implement this to see if it was going to work, and I think he immediately understood what I was doing and was happy to go along with it. I really do think it made the experience very exciting—I don’t know how it plays for an audience. I felt like I didn’t know this guy and I never knew how he was going to react, and there were never any conversations about our intentions for the scenes. They’d just call action and I would do what I was going to do and he would do what he was going to do. There was a truth and immediacy in the way we were working together that I hope translated to the screen.