Costuming HIGH LIFE with Costume Designer Judy Shrewsbury

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Judy Shrewsbury: “Claire wanted some of the helmets to have glass and some to go without. There’s a key scene where she wanted Monte (Robert Pattinson) to take his helmet off as if he were a knight wearing a suit of armour, and so we had to make everything detachable.

Jörg was a real find, and helped to build all of the helmets and fittings: so many people were telling me how the helmets needed to be and how they needed to work, but none were quite what I wanted. And then in walked Jörg with all of these wonderful ideas, like building ventilators from computers into the suits so that the glass in the helmets wouldn’t fog up.”

Judy Shrewsbury: “Everything on the ship, right down to Juliette Binoche’s bras, had to look as though they were part of a uniform. So I found these pants for them to wear; they were white cotton and like gym pants – they’re the sort of pants that my mother would’ve worn – but there was also something attractive about them. They suited absolutely everyone who wore them except me!

All of the actors were so willing and so open when it came to the costumes. I was looking at the first spacesuit fitting with Pattinson the other day, when he still had his hair long. If I’d been in his situation with a director who he’d never worked with before, with a costume designer that he didn’t know, would I have believed in their vision? He didn’t waver for a second. When the actors have confidence in you, if makes you in turn feel confident.”