Director Harmony Korine Says THE TRAP Could Still Happen!

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“The Trap” Could Still Happen

Following the surprise commercial success of “Spring Breakers,” Korine initially had a different project in mind: “The Trap,” a very different sort of Florida-based story that at one point had Jamie Foxx and Benicio del Toro attached to star. But a series of complications arose during the pre-production stage. “This fucking thing fell apart,” Korine said. “I was like a month away from making it in Miami.” He described the project as “a gangster film … about a rapper who lives in Miami and goes to prison. It’s super violent.” After securing financing for the picture, “one of the actors had some issues, and a scheduling conflict,” Korine said. “Rather than get depressed or freak out, I needed to make something right away, so I wrote something that was the opposite of that. I felt like making a comedy, I felt like laughing, I wanted to do something that was more of a stoner vibe. And that was when I wrote ‘The Beach Bum.’”

He still thinks “The Trap” has potential. “I’m going to go back and make it,” he said.

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