Empire Magazine talks about the “Little Ashes” trailer

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Empire Magazine posted the “Little Ashes” trailer on their site today, and had this to say about the movie:

The trailer for Little Ashes is online, and it’s a treat both for fans of Spanish art / Civil War history and fans of Robert Pattinson (which people are, judging from the screams at last night’s Twilight premiere, are the loudest people in the world).

This is the film in which Pattinson plays Salvador Dalí, enfant terrible of the art world and all-round mentalist. As a student in 1920s Madrid, he became friends with filmmaker Luis Buñuel (Matthew McNulty) and genius Spanish poet Federico García Lorca (Javier Beltran). Lorca, goes the film’s story, was passionately in love with Dalí, who unfortunately wasn’t quite as freeform about his sexuality as he was about his painting. And to make things worse, the Spanish Civil War was about to put a spike in all their bohemian cultural ambitions.

The film comes out in cinemas next year – expect the queues of teenage girls to run around the block. That said, by the looks of this trailer “sexy” is not the primary concern for Pattinson here, so they will either be vastly disappointed or come out with a new fascination with and understanding of Spanish cultural history. Let’s hope for the latter, eh?