Even More Information on Rob and David Cronenberg’s NYC Q&A in August @robsessedblog

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Our post with additional details from before is HERE!

More information is courtesy of Robcrzy1010 via Robsessed:

Doors to the TimesCenter will open one hour before show time and doors to the theater will open 30 minutes prior to show time. We do not encourage waiting in line outside but inevitably some people will. We do our best to honor the line as we open the doors. The TimesCenter is an intimate venue of approximately 350 seats, all with excellent sight lines. It is true that we do not allow pictures inside the theater. Venue ushers will remove your camera if they see pictures being taken.

We will be streaming this event live on the web and it will be available to watch on the web as an archived video after the fact atLivestream.com/nytimes. We will also post photos from our professional photographer on Facebook.com/TimesTalks within a few days of the event.

Thank you for your interest in TimesTalks.