Fancy man: Robert Pattinson

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UK Times Online interviewed Rob and talked a little bit about his background. Here is an excerpt from the article linked below.

So — no girlfriend. Of course, everyone’s wondering about him and his co-star, Kristen Stewart, who plays Bella. In one interview, 18-year-old Stewart, who has a long-term boyfriend, says, “I’ve made a very dear friend and that’s worth more than anything,” which sounds to me like a very firm “No, and I don’t fancy him”.

“They’re so ridiculous at the film company,” he says. “They keep refusing to deny it. They just say, ‘No comment.’ And we’re like, ‘We’re not \.’ ” Anyone else? He looks askance when I tease him about taking advantage of the 16-year-old bounty surely offering itself up to him. He feels terrorised by the screaming hordes. “I never, ever like anyone.” A shame — but one that might make you think, despite everything you know about men like him, how can I be that girl?

Thanks Bev