Feel Inspired, Have a Rob-Tastic Birthday Bash!

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Hey 🙂

I turned 18 on Juli, 30th and got some AWESOME presents from a friends of mine, who knew me as a huuuge Twilight Fan!!

They are really special to me because they are selfmade by my friend and I know that NOBODAY can have the same!!! 🙂

I just wanted to share this with you!!

Picture 1: A cake with a picture of ME & Rob/Edward
Picture 2: Rob pictures (selfmade)
Picture 3: a glass with the Twilight logo (selfmade)
Picture 4: Twilight/Rob calendar (selfmade)
Picture 5: dreamcatcher with Rob/Edward pictures (selfmade)
Picture 6: soap with Rob pictures in it (selfmade)
Picture 7: another soap with Rob pictures in it (selfmade)
Picture 8: snow globe with over 100 Rob pictures!!! (selfmade)

The snow globe is my favorite because I collect them!!

And all this things have something in pink because I also love pink 😉
I hope you like them, too 🙂

Love from Austria (again) ♥ 😀