French Media Art: ‘Why Go See @GoodTimemov?’ Answers By @cultureDESSINEE @JOSH_BENNY

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Translation by Laura

Two brothers rob a bank, one is sent to jail. After trying to bail him out the other one decide to make him escape. But…

Why go see ‘Good Time’ by the Safdie Brothers.

To be, from the start, drawn into a close-up of cinematographical experience and be enveloped by the original score which complements the image and strengthens the stress of situations.

Numerous close-ups and a moving camera which instills the story’s rythm reinforce this sensation.

To see Robert Pattinson dirty up his heartthrob image with various roles who succeeds in this movie to look hideous from a modest background neighborhood.

To see the Safdie Brothers as good in front of the camera as behind. In the movie, Benny Safdie is the mentally disabled brother, a rare but appreciated role in cinema.

To have a good script which surprises us as well as making us laugh. There are supporting roles which, indirectly, shows us the current problems in the States: social divergences, racists injustices.

Blown away!