German In Touch Magazine Scans (Updated)

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These scans are from a German edition of In Touch magazine. If you didn’t know, this is a gossip magazine. Our friend Jules has warned us that the article is full of crap. Therefore, this is solely for archival purposes. If anyone would like to translate the article, we could have a laugh at least!

Thanks Jules for allowing us to repost these!


The vampire blockbuster Twilight turned Robert Pattinson into a Hollywood star overnight. But the actor seems to bust with the sudden success.

He’s Hollywood’s new shootingstar. But that makes his life a misery. Since his star role in the blockbuster Twilight the fans won’t leave him alone for a minute. “People hassle me. They want me to bite them and they want to touch me. It’s totally awkward. Many of them seem to think I’m the real vampire out of the movie”, he says with despair. What belongs to everyday life of every actor, stresses the newcomer out. “All this went to fast for him. I think he’s not ready yet to be the it-guy”, thinks Twilight author Stephenie Meyer. Additionally he’s really upset with his love life. Since shooting he has a total crush on co-star Kristen Stewart. “But she’s in love with her boyfriend Michael Angarano”, a friend says. So Rob drowns his stress on pub crawls at his favourite club “Chateau Marmont” and he admits:”It’s possible that the hype is ruining me”.

Thanks Monique