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1. Get a Robert Pattinson pizza box, because why not?
The indie-film distributor A24 is just five years old, but it’s already made a big mark with a slew of influential films (Moonlight, Room, The Witch, and so on). One of its latest is Good Time, a New York heist-gone-wrong movie starring Robert Pattinson. Being a proper New York movie, there’s a scene shot in a pizzeria. To celebrate the film’s release, the studio has created pizza boxes emblazoned with a print of Pattinson’s bleach-blond Connie and his brother Nick (played by co-director Ben Safdie). You likely don’t normally go around collecting pizza boxes, but if you’re a movie nerd, you might make an exception. Find them at Prince Street Pizza, Vinnie’s in Williamsburg, Scarr’s Pizza, and Two Boots locations in the East Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Upper West Side, and West Village.