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“I’ve just always worked. 24 hours a day. I had no time to freak out. Work keeps you best before spinning. I could ignore the masses from the hotel. Bars in the matter was different. Since there are a lot of types that you want to punch you in the mouth. No reason. “He tells.

“I will not stay forever actor too.”

The “Twilight” saga helped the British indeed to international fame, taken seriously as an actor, he felt but only since he in 2012 took over the lead role in the premiered at Cannes film drama “Cosmopolis” directed by David Cronenberg: “Since the film I a new life, because people talk to you like an adult from 27. At times they thought vampire, I’m just famous. And famous people can not suffer, “says Pattinson and adds.” David has helped me to become an actor, “Nevertheless, he sees his job as a stopover rather,” I will not forever remain an actor also. ., I’m waiting for the next surprise “Until the job change, however, he has set a goal:” Every movie I make should run in Cannes “.

Pattinson’s career planning is a family affair

The family plays an important role not only in Pattinson’s private life. He refers to his parents and siblings also planning a career: “I let you even decide on scripts,” the actor explained quite naturally. “I teach them, too much stress. You have not chosen to be the family of, Twilight ‘Pattinson. And unfortunately, they have also often visited by paparazzi. ”

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