Hey Pattinson – take a few PR tips from Irish charmer Brosnan

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Dapper Irish actor Pierce Brosnan, who is currently filming his upcoming flick “Remember Me” with “Twilight'” Robert Pattinson in New York, is fast becoming an international go-to celeb.

From the Greek island of Skopelos, where he filmed “Mamma Mia!”, to the mean streets of NYC, Brosnan has been winning over locals and fans with his low-key Irish charm.

On the flipside, his co-star Pattinson can barely step out on the NYC set of “Remember Me.” Swarms of crazed, unruly fans have scared the actor into hiding during filming.

Brosnan is a bona fide star, but he seems to manage the hullabaloo just fine, while new acting sensation Pattinson is left cowering in his trailer.

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So what’s the deal?

Sure, RPatz fans are younger and a bit more aggressive, shall we say, than most Bond enthusiasts.

But it’s Pattinson’s response to the fan frenzy that’s making it worse.

While filming “Mamma Mia!” in Greece, Brosnan made a point of sharing a drink or two with locals on many a night, and endeared himself to them with his no-nonsense approach to life.

And on the set of “Remember Me,” Pierce has been spotted laughing it up with onlookers, taking photos of them on his mobile and doling out Irish quips.

Meanwhile, Pattinson dodges any contact with fans, and has security surround him everywhere he goes.

But by purposefully being so elusive, the young English actor is just making his admirers (i.e. stalkers) want him more!

So Rob, why not try giving the fans what they want. Try Brosnan’s tactics: address the crowds from the safety of the set behind the barricades, throw them a glance or two, or maybe even a wave.

The more you hide, the more they’ll try to find you!