HIGH LIFE | INTERVIEW | INDIEWIRE | Robert Pattinson Explains How He Learned to Trust His Own Talent and Take Big Risks

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“I think I started figuring it out a little bit on ‘Cosmopolis,’” the actor said, his energy flatlining after a whirlwind press blitz in New York. His eyes widened at the memory of David Cronenberg’s febrile death trip of a film. The fierce portrait of financial collapse served as the perfect first step in Pattinson’s ongoing plan to seize on the teen idol status he inspired with “The Twilight Saga” and transmute that cachet into more dangerous work.

“I was so nervous to even ask Cronenberg basic questions — to reveal that I didn’t know anything. So I would just sit in my hotel room and obsess over the script,” he said, flashing the sheepish grin that cuts across his face whenever he puts himself down. “And then, the evening before the first day of the shoot, I called him up and I was like ‘Hi David, I, uh, just want to ask one tiny little question…’”

Needless to say, that could have become a very long night. When Cronenberg sensed the terror in his young star’s voice, he invited him to drop by. Pattinson showed up a few minutes later, anxiously clutching a script that he’d earmarked within an inch of its life. The actor knew that Cronenberg had spent a lifetime exposing the fear that lurks under people’s skin, and he was fully prepared to be his next victim. But that’s not what happened. “I told him that I didn’t know what something meant” Pattinson remembered, “and David just said ‘Well, I don’t really know what it means either, to be honest. But isn’t it kind of juicy?’”

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