HUMOR: “Get Lost and Starve to Death” Petitioners Against Robert Pattinson as the Next Batman per Writer/Actor Rob Delaney

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GD: That makes sense. We are still thinking about it. We are grappling. When Rob turns around and looks at the sign and then says, “Stuff it, I’ll go in and join her in the lake,” I started getting really stressed out. The camera pans out and we see them maybe turning back to the shore and Arcade Fire is playing. It’s so perfect for the show. I should probably have a question. Sharon, I imagine there’s a lot of pressure ‘cause for example, Damon Lindelof is on the record about the abuse he copped for how he ended “Lost” and “Game of Thrones” has just ended and I’m sure those creators are probably copping it, too. Did that play in your mind about sticking the landing?

SH: First of all, it was the sea. It wasn’t a lake.

RD: (Laughs.)

SH: Big metaphor going on there. We really, really cared. We thought of that ending, of them being in the sea before we started writing the season, really. It was massive for us. I don’t know. I don’t think we ever thought about it in terms of getting flak. I don’t think we ever thought, “We better not wind anyone up.” I remember the night before it went out texting Rob and going, “I just hope they enjoy it as an episode. I hope they just don’t focus on the ending.” It was all people were talking about. And then I was like, ‘Oh no, I like that, actually.” It really feels like we pulled something off. We were always ambitious for the series but we were particularly ambitious for that last episode. It all sort of worked out. We thought about it but I wasn’t thinking about people getting angry.

RD: Yeah, we didn’t really stress out about that. People have gotten angry at us before for things and that’s okay. I think in the aggregate, people who like the show like it but it’s fun to press people’s buttons and stuff. Also, you can’t really hamstring yourself. I think it’s actually quite unfortunate that people can get instant feedback and weigh in on stuff. There’s that petition that people don’t want Robert Pattinson to play Batman or something. That’s when people just need to go walk in the woods for a while and maybe get lost and starve to death because I don’t care what they think about Robert Pattinson and we were gonna do the ending that we were gonna do, and that was that whether people like it or not. Thankfully, most people liked it.

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