INTERVIEW | AZ CENTRAL | Robert Pattinson: ‘I still think of myself as a 10 year old’

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This isn’t the first time Pattinson has been a dad on film. Does playing a father elicit desires of a family?

“There’s definitely a significant amount of pleasures with it,” he says. “But when she wouldn’t stop crying, and I’d hand her to her parents, there’s a great sense of relief afterwards.” Pattinson laughs. “I’m almost 33, but I still think of myself as a 10 year old.”

In the film, viewers learn what happens to the ship’s crew and how Monte ends up on death row. Does Pattinson think his character regrets his actions that arguably landed him on the ship in the first place?

“It’s definitely different to think of what regret means at that point,” he says. “It’s a pretty harsh sentence if you were sentenced to death at 13, 14. You basically spent your entire life in prison. I’m sure, but he also seems like a strange, sadistic character.”

Pattinson lends his vocals to an original song called “Willow,” which plays during the movie’s end credits. It’s a gentle lullaby he recorded with English alternative rock band tindersticks, and it fits the movie’s tone perfectly.

“It was nerve-wracking, really,” Pattinson says. “I hadn’t recorded in a recording studio since I was 21, so it was a daunting situation but a lovely experience.”

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