INTERVIEW | COLLIDER | Robert Pattinson & Claire Denis Unpack the Mysteries of Their “F*cked Up” Sci-Fi Film

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I know that you really just wanted to work with her anyway but when you finally got the script for this, you know, she talks about the garden and fuckbox, these things that really stood out in the story but what was it when you read the script, the imagery or the moments that you were most excited by?

PATTINSON: There’s something quite strange… People always talk about the taboo things and you’ve got a guy who’s basically been in some kind of prison or solitary confinement his whole life and then suddenly he’s alone with this girl. There was a quite strange sense of like an ominous foreboding thing and it felt like there was some weird threat there and you couldn’t really tell what it was. I always kind of like playing, there’s something about a characteristic or a situation that was kind of don’t know as the audience whether you’re seeing something kind of sweet or… you don’t know what world you’re in, and you don’t know if you’re complicit in liking a character who’s about to do something bad. high-life-cast Image via A24 I mean, literally, somebody texted yesterday saying, “Yeah, I’m just gonna watch High Life tomorrow night.” They say, “Just please tell me nothing bad happens to the baby.” They literally said, “I don’t know if I’m gonna be able to watch it if something bad happens to the baby.” But I really don’t like saying that and I’m like [diabolical voice,] “I’m not gonna tell you. Maybe!” I don’t know, there’s something about that. I really like that idea. And also, there are so many different things that sci-fi movies, in general, they skew so far away from the organic. There’s something about having a movie where it’s so much about bodily fluids and stuff. And even the garden. There was just something so odd. There was a massive totem in the story that there was this garden very heavily featured, like growing cabbages in the spaceship, and it wasn’t particularly explained it just felt very right in the treatment.


Before I run out of time. Robert, you are working with Christopher Nolan soon and I know you can’t say anything about the movie itself, but as an actor who has chosen very different films from an action blockbuster for most of your career, how are you finding your prep is different from what you’ve been doing for the last decade?

PATTINSON: I was literally just thinking that yesterday. I kinda went to see some of the stuff in prepping for it, and I was also so worried about doing a big movie. I mean, definitely at this stage, it always seems quite similar ’cause you just sort of see… it’s just drawings and photographs and stuff. But I was amazed with Chris just being pretty open to stuff already. There’s definitely things that seem like they’re just very tightly choreographed already but he’s pretty loose with a lot of stuff.

That’s interesting, that’s not what you think of when you think of Nolan’s process.

PATTINSON: It’s not what people told me, at all. I did hear him talking to some people before I started managing with him and you should see people’s brains, he’s explaining things and they’re just like, “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” But I think it’s gonna be fun though.

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