INTERVIEW | GQ Magazine | Claire Denis and Robert Pattinson Don’t Know What High Life is About, Either

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Did you talk to prisoners, did you research that aspect of it?

Pattinson: With this, I watched a lot of interviews with people on death row. There was one, I can’t remember who made the documentary now, but it’s about the youngest people on death row. I think there was one kid who was thirteen, who got put on death row. All of the characters in High Life, they must have been… Mia [Goth]’s character, for instance, must have been put in that when she was extraordinarily young, and I always find it quite interesting to see that. You don’t know who you are at all at thirteen, so just to see what people’s eyes look like when you know you’re not gonna, you’re never gonna be let out of jail, ever. And trying to figure out how you construct some kind of life for yourself.

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