INTERVIEW | HUFFINGTON POST | Robert Pattinson Meets The F**kbox: How ‘High Life’ Turns Sex Into A Space Odyssey

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Pattinson and the baby, played by Scarlett Lindsay, became the perfect duo. As the cameras were rolling, Lindsay started mimicking Pattinson’s actions as if she, too, were in character. Like father, like daughter. When Monte pounds on an air vent to get it working again, Willow reaches out to bang the contraption herself. When he tries to feed her a strawberry, she removes it from her mouth and attempts to feed it back to him. “If it was an actress, you’d say, ‘This is genius,’” Pattinson exclaimed.


But back to the Fuckbox, which Denis first called the “love machine,” until a writer friend urged her to think of something punchier so as to distance the device from the famous Excessive Machine seen in the Jane Fonda romp “Barbarella.”

“I remember when [producer Oliver Dungey] first showed me the Fuckbox and that chair,” Pattinson recalled. “It’s the most horrendous-looking thing. That’s from a sex shop. It had a metal piece ― it looked like a bayonet. When Oliver showed it to me, I thought he was joking. Everyone else was afraid to go into it.”

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