INTERVIEW | INTERVIEW MAGAZINE | Claire Denis Discusses Robert Pattinson Singing WILLOW and ‘The Stars at Noon’ Project

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HUSEBY: Speaking of those that you love, I want to know about your relationship with Robert Pattinson.

DENIS: Rob? I do not know what to say.

HUSEBY: What about him singing the closing song in High Life? How did this come about?

DENIS: Rob singing. [DENIS sighs.] Such a beautiful voice. He pretended that he did it by chance. I was only imitating Stuart Staples [of Tindersticks]. I didn’t believe that. He doesn’t want to be the main interest. He always pretends he was there by chance. He is very modest — but not in a sophisticated way.

HUSEBY: You’re going to be working with him again soon in an adaptation of a Denis Johnson novel.

DENIS: I wish. I have a project, but I’m not American, so I cannot say what will happen. I have to wait for a gap in his schedule and for money to come. You know this is true! There is a song in French that reminds me of this situation. It goes: “Je suis le mendiant de l’amour.” It means, “I am the beggar for love.” This is me, but I am also a piece of shit.

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