INTERVIEW | io9 | Robert Pattinson Discusses Monte and Willow Crucial Scene (SPOILERS)

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io9: Compared to Dibs, there’s still so much about Monte that we’re never privy to. What were the things about him that you felt you had to tap into in order to step into the character?

Pattinson: The thing about Monte that jumped out at me, you can see in his reaction when his daughter finds his criminal record and says “Did you kill someone? Did you kill your best friend over a dog?” He’s someone who’s never been able to really come to terms with something that’s affected his entire life, and really he’s trying to reconcile these various parts of himself with himself.

He’s trying to make his life a singularity where nothing ever changes over time so that he can be whole, but he’s trapped in this place where nothing literally ever changes—and it’s a kind of hell for him, because he has these memories of what it was like to live in a kind of, I guess, widescreen view way, if that makes sense. But on the ship, what he clings to is control. In that scene when he’s pulling the life support from the space suits with the dead bodies, that’s him trying to hold onto some small part of control of what’s happening. The bodies are already dead. They don’t need the space suits of the life support, but he wants it for them because it’s something he has domain over.

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