INTERVIEW | SYFY | Robert Pattinson babysat and survived an awkward rape scene in Claire Denis’ High Life

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It takes some time to earn a baby’s trust.

Pattinson: The first couple of days, when I’d take her, she would get really upset with me for taking her away from her parents, but I know her parents really well, so that wasn’t so hard. I would give her back after finishing shooting, but then I realized every single time she got wrenched away, she’d be really upset. So I was like, “OK, I’m just going to stay with her the whole day.” Because if she didn’t see her parents, it was fine.

But it was also a question of keeping her constantly distracted the whole time. Normally, you know, you shoot a scene and then you leave set. But it was really cold in Cologne, where we were shooting, so I would just stay on set it, trying to think of things to entertain a baby for hours. I was constantly running through the trees at the end. You had to think of new stuff. It was only about two weeks, and originally you could go just look at some of leaves, “Ooh Scarlett, look at this leaf!” After five days she’d be like, “I’m sick of looking at leaves.” And I’d be like, “OK, are we shooting yet?” I’d spend like three hours babysitting.