INTERVIEW | THE CREDITS | Robert Pattinson on High Life & Working With Claire Denis

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Director and star hit it off so well that they will reunite for Denis’s adaptation of Denis Johnson’s novel The Stars at Noon. Before he reteams with Denis, he’s scheduled “to do a film with Christopher Nolan.” The actor is starring opposite Elizabeth Debicki of Widows and John David Washington of BlacKkKlansman. He’s also got two other high profile new projects in the mix. The first is The Lighthouse, the new horror movie from director Robert Eggers (The Witch). The second is The King, a Netflix historical drama alongside co-star Timothée Chalamet.

Pattinson says he’s looking forward to working with Denis again. “I think we’re shooting [The Stars at Noon] in South America somewhere. That will be very different from High Life which was shot in a studio. It is literally the opposite world of High Life,” he says. What surprised him most about the esteemed director was how “playful and funny” Denis was on set.

“She has a very perverse sense of humor, an unusual way of seeing things. The first time I watched High Life it was just me and Claire and we were just laughing and laughing. I found it audacious. Now it’s out and people are interpreting it as highly cerebral. In Toronto [where the film premiered], there was this silent audience. I thought, ‘Am I interpreting this strangely?’ I found it hilarious. That’s the thing about Claire; she is a bit of a provocateur.”

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