INTERVIEW | VICE | Robert Pattinson and Claire Denis Explore the Heights of Human Cruelty in ‘High Life’

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“I realized something quite quickly on this film, and I’ve since kept to this afterwards, it’s like don’t ask any questions, especially if you don’t know what you’re doing!” he says with a burst of laughter. “If you don’t ask any questions then it generally ends up fine afterwards. I used to constantly badger directors with endless queries about things, and you realize that you’re just trying to alleviate your nerves, rather than actually ask any questions. And really, there’s nothing to be done until you’re doing it.”

Denis points out that Pattinson didn’t like not knowing where the film was going at first. “He was terrified!” she says, laughing. The two clearly have an easygoing chemistry and the trust required to face the unknown together.