Jamie Dornan Reflects on an Old ‘Nightmare’ Apartment of Robert Pattinson and ‘GOOD TIME’

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Fifty Shades being based on Twilight, I’m thinking about Robert Pattinson’s career. He’s done just about everything in the years since those movies.
Sure. I’ve known Rob just about my entire career, actually, long before Twilight … He and I were bumming around London, looking for work like any other actor on that side of the world. Any British actor currently between 28 and 40, we pretty much all ran in the same circles. God, I get nightmares thinking about the apartment he used to live in. He always wanted to make stuff like Good Time, that’s where his head is. But things happen and you go down a different path, and you realize that you don’t stay on it forever. You come out the other end, and the world’s much bigger.