Kristen Stewart Talks about Rob in Australia

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In an article posted at AdelaideNow, Kristen Stewart sat down to talk about Twilight. In her interview, she discusses her relationship Rob on and offscreen. She said,

“So that changed that. And reading the book and spending time with Rob…”

The man of whom she is speaking is co-star Robert Pattinson, a Brit whose striking good looks and portrayal of undead heart-throb Edward Cullen have earned him the adulation, and hysteria, of teenage girls around the world.

The hysteria became frighteningly apparent to Stewart during promotional appearances ahead of the film’s release, with thousands of teenage fans turning out to meet, well, mainly Pattinson.

“Some are rabid and just look at me with disdain,” she says.

“I remember we did a signing at a bookstore and, after being there a couple of hours, we had to leave, but there was still this wall of people waiting to get Rob’s autograph.

“I saw people looking at Rob and the prospect of not getting to meet him after waiting for so long, they just wanted to die. It was scary. I thought: ‘If we leave, there is going to be a riot’.”

Stewart first met Pattinson at director Catherine Hardwicke’s Los Angeles home to see if they had on-screen chemistry and was immediately hooked on her leading man.

“He’s a good actor and has a really insane work ethic. He is really sensitive. He’s perfect. He’s my perfect Edward.”

Not surprisingly, reports hinted at an on-set romance between Pattinson, 22, and Stewart, then 17, during the shoot in the Oregon wilds. Their off-screen chemistry was enough to concern Hardwicke, who revealed she was worried the duo’s obvious closeness would mean the end of Stewart’s relationship with her boyfriend of five years, actor Mike Angarano.

Angarano is a close friend of Hardwicke’s since she directed him in 2005’s Lords of Dogtown.

Stewart takes a breath and looks at the floor when told of Hardwicke’s comment.

“We were fine. I have not left my boyfriend for Robert Pattinson,” she says quietly.

“But we went through a lot together. It is crazy to go through something that heavy in real life. At the end of it you are inevitably going to have something.

“I know a version of him better than anybody else in the world because I did this movie with him.”

And they will do more. Both have signed contracts to appear in at least two Twilight sequels.